We recognise that actually some businesses just want to concentrate on their customers and not have to worry about organising creating policies and processes.

We provide services across all your business functions making sure your local paperwork and processes are accurate and up-to-date but also dependant on the level of service you require well even test them for you.

Under age sale mystery shopping – we’ll schedule and carry out checks to make sure your staff are doing what they should be doing when children try to buy age restricted products.

Intellectual property – we’ll investigate people that are using your name or identity to promote their own products or services and we’ll work to prevent it.

Food Hygiene – we’ll schedule visits and work with your local authority to ensure you food hygiene standards are up to date and ensure any necessary changes to your systems are implemented.

Licensing – we’ll work on your behalf to make appropriate applications, variations or adaptations in relation to licenses.

Investigation – If you find that another business is trying to exploit your reputation or is using your brand we can help track them down and carry out functions such as;

  • Track and trace
  • cease and desist
  • Brand protection enforcement
  • Local government or Police liaison
  • Preparation of civil or criminal reports
  • Product or service ratification